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I am looking for Huron In Adoption in Panama

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Usuario Titulo: I am looking for Huron In Adoption in Panama


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Sexo: Hombre
Edad: 21 años
Provincia: Panamá
Publicado: Sunday 04 de February de 2018, 01:02
Hello God Bless Me As the title of the subject says I want to adopt a Ferret in Panama I have gone to many exotic animal stores in Panama but they are too expensive and they are out of my economic resources But I have recourse to be able to give him the care he deserves but not to buy me jni For that reason I would like someone in Panama City to have one or know someone who has one and for some reason can not continue to take care of contacting me because I already have experience taking care of hurines; since I have an aunt who had a ferret And now I want to have my own My social networks to contact me are: Instagram: @ armamdo2398 WhatsApp: +50762215153 P.S. I will be in the city of Miami from July 26th on July 30 in a congress So yes there is some American who is reading this topic, so please contact me to see how I can bring that Ferret to Panama God bless you all
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